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What is Base42?

A place for builders, and the curious

Started with the idea that knowledge should be proliferated as much as possible, as often as possible and reach as many people as possible the goal of Base42 is to help enable people and encourage communities to be created, give them the tools to grow, get together and focus on achieving that goal, to build together, not alone.

Not a coworking space, a hackerspace

You go to an office to work, you come to a hackerspace to hack. It's most definitely not a coworking space. Coworking spaces promote commercial goals of proprietary code, proprietary information and so on. A hackerspace is the exact oposite of this - you come to a hackerspace to learn, explore, not just on your own but from your peers as well. You should be free to ask and be asked to share your knowledge and contribute to the common goal.


You can see our agenda for the week below:

Or, book your own event:



With our goal in mind, we offer easy, quick and affordable access to equipment you would need to work on your hobbies and experiments, a configurable space for hanging out or holding events, and more.

Here's just some of what's there at the moment:

3D Printing Workspace


Events Hall

Workshops Space


Here's some of the recurring projects and groups that meet up @ Base42 regularly:

Robotics Simulator

CSX - C#-HTML Renderer

DevOps + Infrastructure


Our Friends


Base42 is located in a Garage at Rimska 25, Skopje.

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You can also shoot us an email at [email protected]

Oh... there's also this map:

Base42 was made from scratch by enthusiasts like you.

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